Move to shape your body


We focus on four activities that are interconnected and complement each other perfectly. All four activities can be trained individually or together, depending on the person's needs and goal.

Before you start a training with us, you must definitely book a private introductory session (1-to-1). The introductory session consists of an assessment of posture, personal fitness, learning the basics of Pilates and PortDeBras technique, but also refreshing your knowledge from existing experience. 

It is suitable for all fitness levels.  At the end of the session, the goals are discussed and an individual training plan is defined. After completing your introductory session, you can choose one of our membership options (ABO) or enjoy your individual training sessions without a subscription and pay for each time you visit us. 

Reformer Pilates 

The Pilates reformer is best for people who want core stability and good posture. Both the equipment and the exercises can be adapted and adapted to any body specifics. 

This is perfect for those who are keeping fit, recovering from an injury, exercising for a specific hobby or sport, or wanting a full body workout.

“You are as old as you feel. If your spine is stiff at 30, you are old; if you are still completely flexible at 60, you are young. " 

Joseph H. Pilates

  • Strengthens the muscles from the center of the body to the outside and gives a slim body shape 
  • Strengthens the muscles from the center of the body to the outside and gives a slim body shape 
  • Improves body awareness and endurance Teaches proper muscle activation Improves stability, flexibility and increases mobility 
  • Offers special breathing techniques that help relieve stress and tension, keep the mind clear and focused 
  • The perfect fitness supplement against injuries and helps to get moving again after an injury 
  • Great support for special diseases such as arthritis, osteoporosis, scoliosis and many more 
  • Helps relieve severe back pain, shoulder and neck tension
  • Thanks to the safe and gentle exercises, it is also suitable during the prenatal and postnatal phases of pregnancy Invigorates the mind and gives a feeling of empowerment and relaxation Improves performance in sports and general life activities 

PortDeBras in combination with spiral dynamics

The fitness program integrates stretching methods, concepts of logical and natural movements as well as functional and dynamic stretching, including spiral stretching. The program serves for the versatile development of the physiological and biochemical body abilities.

  • Spiral dynamics in combination with PortDeBras is a modern, holistic movement concept for the whole body from head to toe and is based on the basis of spiral dynamics and PNF (proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation). "Spiral dynamics" is made up of a spiral (spiral principle in nature) and dynamics (science of movement). 
  • The balanced training embodies elegance and lightness on the one hand, dynamism and power on the other. The dynamic spiral movements stress the joints in an anatomically correct manner and all muscle chains in the body are optimally trained. 
  • Radiance and inner harmony are built up through regular training.

Body Barre in combination with spiral dynamics

Body Barre is a new fitness trend that spreads like wildfire. It's a Pilates-based, ballet-inspired method that mainly revolves around the handrail used in ballet training - the Barre - with Pilates influences being integrated. Body Barre not only burns fat and tonus muscles, it also improves balance and posture.

  • This will also help to accelerate fat loss. Barre workouts are generally designed to create stronger, leaner muscles and tendons that will help you stand straighter and look tighter. If you're goal is to really build muscle (in a traditional bodybuilding context), then we don’t recommend this program.
  • Body Barre brings mindfulness to your workout by combining a fusion of yoga postures, flows, cardio surges, and sculpting work. Body Barre is a true “one and done” workout! 50 minutes of high intensity interval training and strength conditioning.

Pilates Floor in combination with spiral dynamics

Controlled, deliberately slow exercises, the concentration on breathing and movement and the targeted activation of each individual muscle make Pilates an effective, gentle full-body workout that promotes your stability, balance and relaxation.

  •  In his search for a way to strengthen his stamina, which had been weakened by a long illness in childhood, the German body trainer Josef Pilates developed the training method named after him. In doing so, he was guided by findings from kinetics, bodybuilding and gymnastics, but also incorporated elements from Far Eastern martial arts and yoga in his program. Today Pilates is a popular method for gently strengthening the muscles and is known worldwide for its effectiveness.
  • "All strength comes from the core of the body" was the guiding principle of Josef Pilates. Because strengthening the abdominal, back and pelvic floor muscles is a particular focus of training, as a strong, flexible core increases the stability and mobility of the entire body. Pilates training and dance have something in common here, because concentration on the center of the body is also important in dance.