Move to shape your body

Our sports massages

The sport massage you receive from us is tailored to you and your needs. If you need to address a particular complaint or injury, your therapist will focus on it. If you need a more general full-body session to remove the lactic acid buildup, the massage will be geared towards that. The therapist masters a variety of massage techniques, using these skills the individual requirements are met. 

Innovative SPORT Therapy (IST)

Innovative SPORT Therapy (Sports Performance Optimization & Recovery Technique) is the fusion of cutting-edge massage techniques such as Deep Tissue, Swedish Massage, Trigger Point, Myofascial Release, Facilitated Stretching, Sports-Specific Shiatsu and more.

CHF 67 / 30 Minutes

Half Session

CHF 132 / 60 Minutes

Full Session

CHF 192 / 90 Minutes

Deluxe Session

Neuromuscular Therapy (NMT)

Neuromuscular therapy (NMT) is a specialized form of manual, deep tissue massage that calms the central nervous system over muscles that have soft tissue injury. It is considered a very effective non-surgical manual therapy for chronic pain, which can manifest as back and neck pain, as well as shoulder, elbow or forearm pain.

60 Minutes

CHF 162

60 Minutes

5 Pack – CHF 720 (each CHF 144)

90 Minutes

CHF 207

90 Minutes

 5 Pack – CHF 935 (each CHF 187) 

Therapy (IST) In-Home Massage Service

We offer in-house IST massages in the greater Zug area. For home service, a minimum massage of 1 hour is required. Home Service prices are CHF 150 per hour, with additional travel fee of CHF 0.70/km. Discounts do not apply to in-house services. 


General Terms and Conditions

  • All prices are per person
  • Individual lessons and ABOs must be paid before a lesson.
  • Free cancellation of lessons (except Monday lessons) must be made 24 hours in advance on one working day (holidays are not taken into account). 
  • Monday lessons must be cancelled late the previous Friday until 15:00.
  • In case of delays, only the remaining time of the lesson is available.