Move to shape your body

Pilates Floor

Controlled, deliberately slow exercises, the concentration on breathing and movement and the targeted activation of each individual muscle make Pilates an effective, gentle full-body workout that promotes your stability, balance and relaxation.



  • In his search for a way to strengthen his stamina, which had been weakened by a long illness in childhood, the German body trainer Josef Pilates developed the training method named after him. In doing so, he was guided by findings from kinetics, bodybuilding and gymnastics, but also incorporated elements from Far Eastern martial arts and yoga in his program. Today Pilates is a popular method for gently strengthening the muscles and is known worldwide for its effectiveness.

  • "All strength comes from the core of the body" was the guiding principle of Josef Pilates. Because strengthening the abdominal, back and pelvic floor muscles is a particular focus of training, as a strong, flexible core increases the stability and mobility of the entire body. Pilates training and dance have something in common here, because concentration on the center of the body is also important in dance.