Move to shape your body


The fitness program integrates stretching methods, concepts of logical and natural movements as well as functional and dynamic stretching, including spiral stretching. The program serves for the versatile development of the physiological and biochemical body abilities.


  • Spiral dynamics in combination with PortDeBras is a modern, holistic movement concept for the whole body from head to toe and is based on the basis of spiral dynamics and PNF (proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation). "Spiral dynamics" is made up of a spiral (spiral principle in nature) and dynamics (science of movement).
  • The balanced training embodies elegance and lightness on the one hand, dynamism and power on the other. The dynamic spiral movements stress the joints in an anatomically correct manner and all muscle chains in the body are optimally trained.

  • Radiance and inner harmony are built up through regular training.

  • Port de Bras is a natural progression from Core de Ballet which was a gentle introduction to balletic exercises intended to stretch and tone. This installment introduces a more complex series of exercises aimed at toning the whole body